Flow Engineered Polymer Bearings


Non-Metallic Solid Polymer 

Physical Properties

Specific Gravity 1.41, D792

Water Absorption 0.10%, D570

Deflextion Temperature @ 264psi, 275 F, D648

Mechanical Properties

Impact Strength 1.5 ft.lbs/in., D256

Tensile Strength 10,500 psi , D638

Flexural Strength 12,500 psi, D790

Flexural Modulos 405,000 psi, D790

Stainless Steel Friction Coefficient 0.1, D3702

Chemical Resistant

Water, Saltwater, Hydrocarbons, Fuels, Oils, Alcohols, Acids (10% or less, higher contact us), Glycols*

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Flow Engineered Polymer Bearings

Engineered with a unique run-dry capability, it ensures reliability even in the most demanding conditions. With a low coefficient of friction and superior wear characteristics, our product guarantees smooth operation and extended lifespan. It boasts outstanding mechanical properties and is a testament to durability and reliability, making it the ideal choice.
  • Zero Lead
  • Run-Dry Capability
  • Low Coefficient of Friction
  • Better Wear
  • Outstanding Mechanical Properties

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