Deep Set Long Lateral Bowls & Impellers

Go Deeper

Long Lateral Bowls


Standard Ductile Iron Bowls 
201SS Impellers

Bowl Sizes

9″ & 11″


Up to 2.21″

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Deep Set Long Lateral Bowls & Impellers

Designed to last longer, our construction materials ensure extended life cycles, saving you from the pain and expense of frequent pump pullouts. Our Long Lateral features take your operations deeper with standard off-the-shelf 9″ and 11″ bowls, accompanied by up to a 2.21″ lateral. Crafted with standard Ductile Iron Bowls and 201SS Impellers, our product guarantees durability and reliability for all your pumping needs.
  • Extra Lateral
  • 9″ & 11″ Bowls
  • Up to 2.21″ Lateral
  • Standard Ductile Iron Bowls
  • 201SS Impellers

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Coming soon

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