Hydroflo Pumps USA , Inc. was founded in 1998 and incorporated in Tennessee in 2001. Our vision to manufacture the best vertical and submersible turbine pumps in the industry was realized by advancing the standard design to include investment cast stainless steel impellers. The company manufactures the only pump constructed with all- lost wax, investment cast technology. The company’s success has been built on manufacturing, assembling, and delivering the most dependable, purpose engineered pumps in the marketplace. Our engineering staff has combined experience of over 100 years. Today the company continues to grow in the toughest of economic conditions to meet the industry’s demand for the best pump products. Our market segments include agricultural, commercial, industrial, municipal as well as, specialized markets such as mine dewatering, and nuclear plant cooling towers.

The company maintains four assembly facilities geographically positioned to service the needs of their customer base. These branch locations are Marion, Arkansas; Brownfield, Texas; and Fresno, California; with the headquarters in Cranston, Rhode Island.

Hydroflo’s reputation has been based on their commitment to prompt courteous customer service and the proven reliability of Stainless steel.

OUR PURPOSE: is to exemplify our motto “Best Team Wins” in every aspect of our business.

OUR MISSION: is to produce the best pump products that exceed industry standard using innovative design to fulfill our customer’s expectations of quality and value.

OUR VISION: is to grow and prosper without compromising our core values of honesty, integrity, accountability and trust.

The regional branches allow Hydroflo to take advantage of buying new and replacement parts manufactured locally, and tailored for the specific needs of their respective regions. The company also builds private label pumps for several system builders.

While the industry standard is bronze, Hydroflo produces a stainless steel impeller which is three times stronger. Additionally the company manufactures the only line of ductile iron discharge heads to go with the pump assemblies, providing greater strength and more corrosion resistance. Fresh water is the primary resource pumped by Hydroflo’s products but the company also builds pumps for salt water, oil, butane, propane and mild corrosive chemicals.

Investment casting is commonly referred to as lost-wax processing. It is a method of casting in which a wax form is encased in a heat–resistant ceramic material. The cast is then heated to melt and drain away the wax, producing a mold for molten metal to be poured. Lost-wax processing allows a wider range of materials to be used, including all stainless alloys. The process permits more intricate designs than other processes can produce due to the complexity of their form and shape and does so with lighter weights and thinner walls. For Hydroflo, lost-wax processing provides a pump impeller with a far smoother surface than traditional sand casting. Sand casting usually leaves a corrosive residue and abrasive surface even under the most careful applications. Pumps have constantly moving parts, so it is easy to visualize how the finer finish increases the life and performance of the pumps and related parts.

An uncompromising commitment to quality, integrity, and service continues to drive the prosperity of Hydroflo. Amassing an engineering staff with over 100 years combined pump experience as well as tapping the diverse talents of their key executives, managers and employees the company is experiencing double digit growth. Despite the challenging economic conditions, Hydroflo is positioned to reach their sales projections for 2014.They have successfully served their customers for over 16 years, and during this time earned a reputation for superior pumps and quality customer service.

Hydroflo was purchased by TACO, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced equipment and systems for HVAC applications, in September of 2012. TACO has been in business for over 93 years and employs over 600 individuals worldwide. Manufacturing a wide range of pumps and hydronic based equipment, TACO operates factories in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, a trading company in Suzhou, China and a stainless steel foundry in Vietnam.

Strategic Market Opportunities
The market for pumps continues grow, with the increasing demand for food, mining and fuel. Wherever irrigation is possible, it is used to increase production. Moreover, hydrocarbon demand will continue to increase the need for pumps for exploration, transportation, and processing. The Company also pursues new deep set projects for mine dewatering, fire protection for off shore oil platforms, and pumps for cooling nuclear power plants. Pumps will remain an essential component for multiple industries for the foreseeable future.