Horizontal Turbine Pumps (HT)   

Our engineers have many years of experience designing and engineering turbine pumps for the most difficult applications
HT Features & Benefits
  • Standard Stainless Steel Investment Cast Impellers
  • Low profile for tight ceiling heights
  • Engineered rugged Steel Beam baseplates for harsh handling
  • All modular design for ease of inspection/repair/replacement
  • Eight optional suction flange orientations for maximum piping flexibility
Highly engineered heavy duty thrust load assembly for maximum life:
  • Built-in water cooling jacket for uniform bearing cooling
  • Ring oil lubricated bearings for extended life
  • Heavy-duty fabricated Steel construction
Horizontal Turbine
Flows: 50 GPM - 15,000 GPM
Total Dynamic Head: 0 - 1,800 feet
Speed Ranges: 900 - 3600 RPM