Floating Seal Flush & Water Transfer Pumps (FSF)   

Rock Quarry, Mining, & Retention Pond Applications
FSF & WT Features & Benefits
  • Low Volume High Head & High Volume Low Head Designs Available
  • 5HP to 15HP Models & Floats In Stock, Large Units Available
  • Single Phase and Three Phase Options
  • Clean Water Intake Design with Internal Flow Sleeve for Cooling & Long Life
  • Multiple Discharge Options, Including Below Float if needed
Seal Flush Water, Wash Down Stations, Water Transfer, Irrigation Supply Water, and Cooling Water Supply
Floating Seal Flush & Water Transfer Pumps
Flows: 50GPM - 15,000 GPM
Total Dynamic Head: 0 - 1,800 feet
Speed Ranges: 900 - 3600 RPM